Wind Systems

Wind Systems


Ronco also offers Wind Tower Segments for sale to the Australian market. Wind tower segments can be transported with portal decks or special adaptors. Depending on the type of adaptor, even special types of nacelles can be mounted directly onto the adaptors. With the adjustable adaptors by SCHEUERLE, segments of up to 120 tons and with an internal diameter of 5.5 meters can be moved. Rotatable wind tower bolsters make transportation even easier when space is limited – mountable on platform trailers and SPMT by SCHEUERLE. Wind tower segments can thus be lifted up to 750 mm upwards in a parallel position or even up to an angle of 15° on one side and pivoted to the left or right up to an angle of -/+ 30°.

SCHEUERLE | Blade Lifter  

  • 900 mt maximum load moment makes the investment future-proof
  • Variable vehicle widths of 3 m and 3.49 m enhances the flexibility and reduces costs for road transport upgrades
  • Maximum set-up angle of 60° ensures the best manoeuvrability
  • Height-adjustability option increases the flexibility for accommodating larger rotor blades
  • 12 t axle line load facilitates a simplified approval procedure in Germany (and also in part in other European countries) 


  • Transport of all common types of rotor blades
  • Weighing device for determining the centre of gravity
  • Future-proof system, also suitable for subsequent even longer rotor blades
  • All functions can be safely and ergonomically controlled via radio remote control
  • More safety during transport through precise adjustment of the centre of gravity with the sliding carriage

SCHEUERLE | Wind Tower Adapter

  • The high ground clearance increases load security
  • Integrated lifting device to circumvent obstacles
  • Optimised for accommodating the full range of wind tower segments