Hyva Skip Loaders

Hyva Skip Loaders 8t – 18t

  • The Hyvalift range of Telescopic Arm Skip loaders gives you a choice, strength and proven reliability. With their European Rear Torsion Tube design, the need for a top bar is eliminated, and operators can now use their Telescopic Arms independently as well as in Synchronised mode. Bins can be tipped securely without damage or banging, and multi stacking or positioning of bins can be completed quickly and easily.
  • Air operated Tipping Hooks or manual tipping chains grip the skips bottom tip bar securely and the extending arms keep lift chains tight as bins empty completely.
  • The 14 and 18 tonne XXL models now have extra long Telescopic Arms to give Hyva skip loaders the longest reach in the market place, and give drivers the best opportunity to correctly position skip bins.
  • Hyvalift’s advanced Load Restraint Compliance features bring another dimension to waste collection technology.
  • Their Hydraulic Automatic Tarping System secures the load in under 40 seconds and fully complies with Australian maximum width guidelines. Drivers no longer need to access the back of the skip loader to cover their load securely.
  • The Hydraulic Bed Locking option clamps the skip bin from the sides with hydraulic pressure to hold the load securely onto the vehicle.
  • Legal loading of waste vehicles has become a priority for operators and Hyva can over a Radio Remote Weighing System mounted to the chain hangers at the top of the lift arms.
  • No need for load cells mounted to the chassis as the chain hanging system is easy to retrofit to all skip loaders.
  • Increased accuracy is assured as only the skip bin and payload are measured and shown either in the cab or on an external display. External lever controls come as standard however Hyva also offers air operated In Cab Controls or a heavy duty Electric Remote Control function to ensure driver site safety or to increase the visibility of pedestrians when operating the skip loader body.

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