Service and Maintenance


  • RONCO specialises in Major Inspections to current Australian Standards per AS1418 and AS2550. Our process, experience and knowledge means that we can carry out a Major Inspection efficiently whilst maintaining thorough compliance with the regulatory requirements.
  • We have in house engineering support which reduces costs and ensures adherence to both OEM Standards and Australian Standards. Our inspection and reporting process ensures a thorough report and costing is submitted before the work begins and after the job is completed.

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, innovative solutions, and for adherence and compliance with the standards of workmanship expected by you, our valued customer


  • RONCO has a fully equipped fabrication workshop. We can press and straighten warped hydraulic boom sections back to original equipment manufacturer’s specifications and we can repair lattice boom sections to OEM specifications as well as under the guidelines and procedure written by our structural engineer.
    Our sales department can source new or used replacement lattice sections from suppliers around the world to suit all makes and models of lattice boom cranes. We are also capable of fabricating new cabins, handrails and indeed any other significant components that may require re-building or re-manufacturing.


  • Without planned preventative maintenance things go wrong and breakdowns will occur. Lost productivity is the biggest unseen or unplanned expense a business has to face, and it has a massive impact on contract delivery and the bottom line.
  • We can provide you with fixed price planned maintenance and servicing, and of course you could also participate in our online Remote Fleet Management service (coming soon) that will ensure you continue to get the best utilisation from your assets.


  • Annual inspections are a mandatory requirement that need to be carried out on time to both OEM requirements and Australian Standards. It is essential that your crane has a thorough inspection to not only ensure regulatory compliance but also to identify and rectify possible breakdowns and component failures before they bring the job to a grinding halt.
  • A Ronco Annual Inspection comes with an advisory window sticker as an easy identifier of a successful pass, and to assist with keeping track of due dates. We can also include a service or repairs at the same time as all of our inspectors are qualified and experienced crane technicians.
  • We can conduct Annual inspections for all makes and model of crane from vehicle loading cranes, right on up to the larger crawler and hydraulic cranes. In addition, if your site access or company process requires it, we can also arrange for an independent CraneSafe inspector to conduct a green sticker inspection and then handle any required subsequent repairs.


  • When one job is completed and the next one is calling there is no time for errors.
  • Ronco can help by moving your asset from one location to the next, setting it up and commissioning it ready for work.
  • With experience in pre-strip down assessments and repairs, to correctly transporting boom sections and efficient reassembly, Ronco can help minimise your non-productive costs by ensuring that once the machine is stood up its ready to go to work.


  • Investing in Capital Equipment can be a stressful time as the risks with buying un-verified 2nd hand assets can be high.
  • We have a network of inspectors throughout the Australasia region, as well as our own technical staff, who can travel to location and carry out a thorough Machine Survey on items of interest.
  • Once you are satisfied with the equipment you want to purchase, we can assist with all purchasing and import requirements. Give us a call to see how we can help.


  • The RONCO workshop facility in Maddington is equipped with a large undercover fully EPA compliant (with AQIS approval pending) wash pad which provides us with the ability to conduct complete de-contamination Weed n Seed wash downs prior to asset transport, site access, repair work or painting.
  • For all import/export jobs our raised work areas on the work pad ensures OH&S compliance while getting into those hard to reach spots. Removal of shipping protection or cleaning per AQIS requirements are easily accomplished in our facility.


  • Roncos Design and Engineering services are capable of solving your lifting equipment dilemma. Utilising the services of our in-house engineer who hasover 25years of experience professionally designing cranes and elevated work platforms to suit the individual requirements of our customers.
  • We have custom designed cranes as both one off applications as well as manufactured a small fleet of articulated cranes to suit a specific application.