Control System

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Stability control systems are in place to improve safety and avoid the risk of truck capsize. Available as standard on CE models in accordance with EN12999. These include load limiting devices to prevent exceeding 100% capacity. Easy to install, maintain and use.

  • H3XL Crane control system – Intuitive display
    Available on all models. With a 3” TFT display and ergonomic keyboard, the operator can supervise the crane working and select the best parameters for effective use. The slewing system includes a sensor that constantly monitors the position of the boom and can adjust the lifting capacity of the crane accordingly. The system has three beam detection points at 0% (closed), 50% and 100%. CPU calculates the working area according to slewing and beam positions.
  • H4XL + TOP Crane control system – Complete display
    Available on all models. TOP 7” colour display with an integrated keyboard gives the operator a higher level of awareness of the crane operation and allows selection of the best parameters for effective use. The system detects the exact position of the beams and proportionally calculates the stability. Dynamic Load Diagram always present. Magic Touch available as an option.