Annual Inspection


Annual inspections are a mandatory requirement that need to be carried out on time to both OEM requirements and Australian Standards. It is essential that your crane has a thorough inspection to not only ensure regulatory compliance but also to identify and rectify possible breakdowns and component failures before they bring the job to a grinding halt.
A Ronco Annual Inspection comes with an advisory window sticker as an easy identifier of a successful pass, and to assist with keeping track of due dates. We can also include a service or repairs at the same time as all of our inspectors are qualified and experienced crane technicians.
We can conduct Annual inspections for all makes and model of crane from vehicle loading cranes, right on up to the big boom heavy lift cranes. In addition, if your site access or company process requires it, we can also arrange for an independent CraneSafe inspector to conduct a green sticker inspection and then handle any required subsequent repairs.
If you would like to book a time for an inspection then please use the ‘Contact Us’ button below. Alternatively, if you prefer you can call our service department on (08) 9459 6212

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