Hyva Cranes

Hyva cranes continue to provide innovative solutions to common problems. Please see the links and videos below.

 Capacity Model Type Feature
 1-11 tm HA Straight Compact
 3-70 tm HB Articulated Robust
 30-60 tm HBR Articulated Heavy Duty
 10-80 tm HC Articulated Double Linkage
 13-16 tm HCK Articulated Short boom
 13-16 tm HT Straight Vehicle recovery
 3-22 tm HV Articulated Economical
8-25 tm HZR Special purpose Recycling
 4-27 tm HZT Special purpose Forestry
 1-5 tm FFB Special purpose Tractor mount

Crane Configurator – Enter your weights and working radius to see what models best suits your application.

Video: Magic Touch – Auto pack/unpack               A graphic display which allows the driver, after truck stabilisation, to automatically fold (from any position to transport position) and unfold (to working position) when required. This easy-to-use function improves driver attention, promotes safe operation, saves time and can increase productivity.

Video: Dynamic Load Display – Safer and smarter load control              A new system which allows the driver to verify in advance the crane lifting capacity based on the truck stability. The operator can select the weight and, according to the stabilisers positions, the system calculates the stability all around the truck. A graphical display shows the outreach available for the load selected and the actual boom slewing position. This system, a first on truck-mounted articulated cranes, optimises stabilisation and makes crane operation safer, avoiding border line working conditions, and more efficient. Easy-to-use and saves time by increasing the awareness and control of the operator.

Video: The Hyva Advantage               Why choose Hyva? Watch the video to see the advantages of the Hyva product range.

Additional equipment – Attachments
Our design process takes into account the need for special equipment, and the cranes can be fitted (or retro-fitted) with additional equipment as necessary. Extra functions can be added with levers to control a hydraulic accessory mounted by the installer. An additional activated function includes an extra valve and all of the hoses and piping necessary to the end of the boom. At the end of the boom the pipes end in quick connectors.  Available accessories include grabs, rotators, drills and mechanisms for pallet or brick lifting. And, the customer can apply their own accessory. Accessories are not normally permanent and can be removed to allow lifting with the standard hook.

Please view the Attachments brochure here

Please view the Hyva 4 axis pole manipulator here