Vehicle Loading Crane

1 – 11 tmHAStraightCompact
3 – 70 tmHBArticulatedRobust
10 – 80 tmHC Articulated Double Linkage
3 – 22 tmHV Articulated Economical

From light, compact machines, to solutions which deliver the ultimate levels of precision and lifting capacity, Hyva truck-mounted cranes are all built on the foundations of high performance, reliability, ease of use and safety. That’s why they’re among the most widely-used loader cranes in the world. 

Edge Line

Our latest generation of cranes, with models ranging from 9 – 66 tm, offers solutions for every application and features some of the most advanced innovations in the industry. Highly reliable and with the best warranty, the Edge Line ensures a first class lifting experience.     


Hyva’s Rock Solid design and development process includes exhaustive prototype and field testing. This, coupled with full compliance with World-class manufacturing standards, means that the company is so confident in the reliability of its cranes that it can offer an extended warranty of 3 years general and 5 years on structural parts. These are the best warranty terms currently available.


Hyva Edge Line offers a wide range of versions and accessories: up to 8 extensions depending on crane model, standard or auxiliary activations for attachments (by hose coiler or slides), a choice of Jibs and Winches, together with top seat or stand up platform for increased operator visibility.


Every single detail has been designed with the specific goal of improving crane operations and making the operators work easier and more comfortable. Saving time, minimizing the risk of error, while perfectly matching design trends from the automotive industry: the Edge Line adds continuity and value to your truck!