SANY 110t All Terrain SAC1100S1 in stock at Ronco

The SANY 110t all terrain is the SAC1100S1 model: as with all SANY equipment it is made with world class componentry including, Mercedes Benz Engine, ZF Transmission, Kessler drop box and axles with disc brakes, Rexroth and Kawasaki hydraulic pumps and motors. The SANY SAC1100S1 also features 56m of main boom, a single cylinder boom pinning system, tilting crane cabin with a clear 25cm touch screen display. Counterweight loading is from crane cabin and it has the strongest line pull in its class. SANY 110t All Terrain is also a single engine drive machine with the shortest overall length in its class.

Download SANY 110t All Terrain SAC1100S1 Brochure

SANY 60t Rough Terrain SRC600C in stock at Ronco

The SANY 60t Rough Terrain is the SRC600C model features a Cummins engine, Dana transmission, Kessler axles, Rexroth swing motor, Danfoss winch motors with Casappa and Permco pumps. SRC600C features 43.5m of main boom which is the longest in its class and it has the strongest Tonne Moment in class. Dual telescoping modes make it the fastest telescoping and luffing rough terrain in its class and the fastest adjustable hoisting speed in its class. It also features a clear 25cms touch screen display.

Both SANY and Ronco have a very strong orientation towards customer support, with spare parts availability being a major focus. After 30 years of servicing the construction and mining industries, Ronco has a network of overseas suppliers with thousands of parts for all makes

Download SANY 60t Rough Terrain SRC600C Brochure